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Motion Sickness, Nausea & Eye Strain

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Do you frequently experience motion sickness, nausea and/or eye strain? The problem may be  an eye condition called binocular vision dysfunction (BVD).

What is BVD?

Binocular vision dysfunction is a condition where your eyes are misaligned, making it difficult for them to work together as a team. The brain tries to correct the misalignment by forcing the eyes back into alignment, putting stress on the eye muscles. This causes the visual system to become overworked and fatigued, and may result in motion sickness, nausea, and eye strain along with several other symptoms.

Why Is BVD So Often Missed?

Standard eye exams assess your visual acuity, which is a measurement of how well your eyes can see. Binocular vision — how well the eyes are working together as a team — is rarely assessed during such exams.

Some binocular vision tests will detect double vision and severe eye misalignment, but smaller amounts of misalignment that can cause BVD symptoms may go undetected..

How to Treat BVD

Since the problem with BVD is that your eyes are not in line with each other, prisms in glasses or lenses are used to treat BVD. Prisms move the image that you are looking at, removing the impact of the misalignment and relieving the stress and strain on the eyes.

When properly fitted and adjusted, prisms can effectively move the image that one eye sees, so that it matches up perfectly with the image being sent to the brain by the other eye. This helps relieve double vision and other BVD-related symptoms.

If you have been experiencing motion sickness, nausea and/or eye muscle strain, it could be BVD. Schedule a comprehensive exam at Lakeline NeuroVisual Medicine in Austin to assess your binocular function. We can then prescribe a treatment plan that will reduce your symptoms.

At Lakeline NeuroVisual Medicine, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 512-918-3937 or book an appointment online to see one of our Austin eye doctors.

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